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coronavirus mask n95 flipkart india, CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE Others, such as German journalist Heiko Roloff, highlighted that the reasons behind Germany's fewer deaths might be multi-pronged. Luck and timing – or the lack of it. Italy just got hit early with travelers bringing the virus into their country, Roloff said. So when it spread, and the first casualties were reported, the rest of Europe was on high alert. And doctors are accessible for pretty much everybody.

coronavirus mask n95 flipkart india - If the media and Democrats hate the current president, then crisis is their tool. Never let a crisis go to waste. For Democrats, every time a crisis appears, that sentiment follows. Take Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif, who chided President Trump for not canceling rallies over the coronavirus. JUDGE JEANINE SLAMS MEDIA'S CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE: IT'S 'DOOMSDAY REPORTING' The fact that he is not willing to cancel his various rallies suggests that he is willing to place even his most ardent supporters at risk, Speier said.  I think that he is showing, unfortunately, why he is so ill-prepared to guide our country during this time of crisis.

coronavirus mask n95 flipkart india, Like she cares about his supporters. Why demand that just of Trump, and not Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., or former Vice President Joe Biden? Is it just a coincidence that such an order coincides with a political agenda? What's Jackie's next demand? That Republicans shouldn't vote in November, just to be safe from those toxic, contagious voting booths? Yep. Never let a crisis go to waste. That's what the Russians were thinking when they tanked the oil market and put yet another nail in the collusion coffin.

coronavirus mask n95 flipkart india - Then there's MSNBC host Chuck Todd's wishful thinking that this virus could be Trump's Iran hostage crisis. What the Iran hostage crisis was to the final year of Carter's presidency, not his fault, but it’s a test in real-time, Todd said. This is what it seems to be for the president. Journalist Matt Bai responded, This does hold the potential, if it goes badly, to become a kind of Jimmy Carter-like scenario where the public just says, 'Can't wake up with this anxiety every day. We’ve got to have some kind of leadership.

coronavirus mask n95 flipkart india - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR OPINION NEWSLETTER This is what it seems to be for Trump, they say. Does that sound like a fact to you? You could blame this idiocy on polarization. The swine flu killed thousands under Obama, but I don't recall the media attacking him, because he was their guy. Then there was Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster made worse by a corrupt local government. But the media blamed President George W. Bush because he was a Republican, not their guy.