Does Wearing A Mask Protect You From Coronavirus

does wearing a mask protect you from coronavirus, The disease is certainly a handful. It has caused and will cause tragic deaths, economic damage, and social disruption and uncertainty that always attend a serious pandemic. Its R –∅ rate (the rate at which the virus spreads) seems to be high, close to seasonal flu. But I’m getting more optimistic about the actual public health impact of the virus because its virulence appears to be much lower than the 3.4 percent mortality rate claimed by the World Health Organization. The New York Times spoke with “a number of experts in epidemiology, and they all agreed that 1 percent was probably more realistic.”

does wearing a mask protect you from coronavirus - SAUDI ARABIA CLOSES ITS BORDERS TO AIR, SEA TRAVEL AMID CORONAVIRUS We have reasonably good information, at least outside of China, for the numerator – the number of deaths – but poor data about the denominator – the number of people who have the disease. I think people are walking around with the disease unaware that they have it or without reporting that they have it because its effects on them have been minor.  If that’s true, it means that the impact of COVID-19 is closer to a normal flu than I had originally feared.  President Trump was roundly criticized in many quarters for saying something to that effect, but he may well have been right.

does wearing a mask protect you from coronavirus, The Trump administration has, on the whole, responded vigorously and effectively to the disease. The president shut down flights from China in late January, which probably did not prevent the disease from taking hold in the United States, but it did slow its progress. This gave public health officials vital time for the necessary preparations: putting together the right team to manage the response, establishing communication protocols within the public health apparatus, preparing information for the public, identifying the key items to stockpile and the most promising medical countermeasures to pursue, and beginning the process of securing a vaccine and therapeutics.

does wearing a mask protect you from coronavirus - Putting the vice president in overall charge of pandemic preparation was the correct decision. Bob Graham and I proposed the same thing to the Obama administration 12 years ago.  Trump’s style of leadership is on balance a plus in this kind of a crisis. He is neither afraid to make decisions nor overly concerned about being criticized for the decisions he makes  That is vital. I have participated in tabletop exercises involving pandemic response; indecision is both seductive and dangerous, as Japan and South Korea are finding out.

does wearing a mask protect you from coronavirus - At the same time, the president needs to be patient with his own team. He has the right people in the right places. They are all working 24/7 under difficult circumstances, and it’s not like there is a huge pool of people who can replace them if they leave. This is one time where Trump needs to lead with positive rather than negative reinforcement.   There have been snafus but that was to be expected. Response to a pandemic is a lot like a military campaign; the fog of war surrounds everything, even good plans have to be adjusted, decisions are made on the fly, and some of them go wrong.