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maschera n99, The CDC has confirmed the 7th case of the disease in the US, insight from Dr. Marc Siegel. Over 3,000 people are being quarantined on Princess Cruises’ Diamond Princess ship off Yokohama, Japan, after a passenger tested positive for coronavirus amid the ongoing outbreak. The quarantine started Monday, when results came back positive for a guest who had gone ashore in Hong Kong on Jan. 25 and visited a local hospital, The Associated Press reported. The cruise ship Diamond Princess anchors off the Yokohama Port upon arrival in Yokohama, near Tokyo Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. (Kyodo News via AP)

maschera n99 - Now, all those aboard the Diamond Princess – which is carrying at least 3,000 guests – are receiving medical checks from quarantine officials and medical staff. CORONAVIRUS: PRESIDENT TRUMP SAID US AUTHORITIES 'SHUT IT DOWN.' HERE'S WHAT THAT MEANS The Diamond Princess is docked off Yokohama Port, near Tokyo. As of Tuesday morning, the ship was quarantined and cruise officials were working with Japanese health authorities to investigate the matter, USA Today reported.

maschera n99, A passenger on the cruise ship has tested positive for a new virus after leaving the ship in Hong Kong on Jan. 25. The ship returned to Yokohama carrying 3,000 passengers and crew members after making port calls in Vietnam, Taiwan and Okinawa. (Kyodo News via AP) While on the ship he did not visit the ship’s medical center to report any symptoms or illness, a statement obtained by USA Today reads. The hospital reports that he is in stable condition and the family members traveling with him remain symptom-free.

maschera n99 - FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS The Diamond Princess cruise departed Yokohama on Jan. 20 and was scheduled to return on Tuesday after making port calls in Vietnam, Taiwan and Okinawa. A team of quarantine officials and medical staff boarded the ship on Monday and began medical checks of everyone on board, a health ministry official said on condition of anonymity, citing department rules. (Kyodo News via AP) CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER The passenger, who is from Hong Kong, has claimed that he remained unaware of his coronavirus diagnosis until six days after he disembarked in Hong Kong. The man has alleged that health authorities in Hong Kong initially failed to identify the virus through a thermal screening, The Associated Press reports.

maschera n99 - A TV crew film a cruise ship Diamond Princess anchoring off the Yokohama Port Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) “I wish we were informed as soon as they found out, then I could have worn a mask or washed hands more carefully, the passenger said. “I was in Hong Kong nine days ago and it seems to be too late now.” Though a spokesperson for Princess Cruises was not immediately available to offer further comment, the cruise company has shared the following health advisory regarding the ongoing outbreak to their website: