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masque de protection respiratoire dit ffp2, This is one of the reasons why Joe Biden’s Super Tuesday surge reflected more than a move to the middle – it was a rush away from Sanders. Amid the swelling turbulence of fear emanating from coronavirus-hit California and Washington state, a potential President Sanders suddenly felt unsafe, with the candidate dangling health policies that felt unsettling and untested. Yet, let’s not forget, Sanders isn’t the only politician being assessed here. This is President Trump’s most important leadership test to date. The president’s number one job right now is to reassure a nervous public that America can beat this crisis with vigilance and verve.

masque de protection respiratoire dit ffp2 - CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTER Trump’s many achievements to date – from a historically robust economy and desperately needed trade deals, to criminal justice and regulatory reform – have made him harder to beat this November. Yet, if this potential health pandemic becomes an economic crisis, too, hobbling supply chains and wobbling markets, the president will be measured in November by the power and persistence of his response to the coronavirus. Poll after poll confirms the gravity of his task.  The latest NBC/WSJ survey shows that while most Americans are concerned about COVID-19, only 49 percent believe America is fully prepared to handle it.

masque de protection respiratoire dit ffp2, The public wants to know that the president and his team are “on it,” 24/7, and that wherever the virus travels they will take it on, with everything they’ve got. This moment calls for crisis communications at its best, the kind that constantly informs and updates, assures and assuages, so that the message of the day is run by those in charge instead of spun by those who aren’t. A few weeks ago, the 2020 race for president was measured in primaries and polls. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP

masque de protection respiratoire dit ffp2 - Today, both are giving way to a potential pandemic that may fundamentally change the odds. A failing candidate becomes a front-runner, a leading contender becomes a threat, and here comes the president, who needs to use the bully pulpit to reassure, remedy and renew. The election may be months away, but the voters are already tuned in … and listening. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM ADAM GOODMAN

masque de protection respiratoire dit ffp2 - 'Dr. Oz Show' host Dr. Mehmet Oz joins Harris Faulkner to discuss the coronavirus outbreak on 'Outnumbered Overtime.' The one-two punch of coronavirus and an escalating oil price war that is roiling world markets is hurting one country more than any other: Iran. Already dealing with a deadly outbreak, the Islamic Republic, heavily dependent on oil revenues, is in no position to deal with the lowest per-barrel prices seen in decades. CORONAVIRUS: HOW COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD ARE REACTING TO THE OUTBREAK