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n95 maschera, According to the outlet, after the Venezia returned to port in Shenzhen on Monday, a medical team boarded and evaluated all 4,973 passengers and 1,249 crew members for symptoms of fever and pneumonia. Four passengers were said to have high temperatures, while 148 passengers who are allegedly residents of Wuhan or had recently visited the now-quarantined city were isolated for a “stricter screening.” “Costa Crociere [Cruises] is dedicated to the health and safety of all guests and crew. We are strictly monitoring the situation of the so-called ‘Wuhan Pneumonia’ which is causing concern among public health authorities and the traveling public,” Costa said in a statement.

n95 maschera - “The safety, security and welfare of all guests and crew are our absolute priority has increased health and safety measures as a matter of caution. The company adopts a specific protocol to help prevent the introduction and/or spread of any infectious diseases.” CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP In addition, two smaller cruise lines have also adjusted their itineraries in China. Genting Cruise Lines’ World Dream ship canceled its Jan. 26 call at Guangzhou, Cruise Hive reported, while the Genting Dream ship is still set to sail from Singapore on Jan. 27. Though health screenings will be given as a precautionary measure, passengers have the option to cancel their trip for a full refund.

n95 maschera, Astro Ocean Cruise’s Piano Land liner has also canceled departures from Shanghai due to the outbreak, Seatrade Cruise News reported. Fox News’ Michael Bartiromo and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

n95 maschera - Hong Kong closes border with mainland China due to Coronavirus outbreak and CDC reports suicide rate climbing in America. As of now, impeachment has received many times the news coverage of everything else that has happened in the past couple of weeks combined. In America's newsrooms, impeachment is all that matters and that should tell you something. In fact, it ought to make you suspicious. The world is changing incredibly fast out there, and it's fascinating and ominous and worth covering. But by and large, the media are all but ignoring it. Why are they doing that?

n95 maschera - TRUMP SCORCHES BOLTON, SAYS 'FIRED' HAWK WOULD HAVE STARTED 'WORLD WAR SIX' Well, consider the stories they're downplaying in favor of a protracted government hearing whose ending we already know. For starters, at this very moment, a serious viral outbreak is spreading across China, the world's biggest country. In just a matter of weeks, this new strain of coronavirus has generated almost as many new cases as SARS did in three full months. Remember SARS? So two weeks versus three months. More than a hundred people have died so far, and that's just the official total. The real number is likely higher than that. Hong Kong has closed its borders with mainland China, but as of Tuesday night, for reasons that are not at all clear, planes are still landing in this country from Chinese cities.