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n95 mask connecticut, In a previous email on Sunday, the school announced it was strongly discouraging non-essential events of more than 25 people due to the rapidly changing information about COVID-19. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared the coronavirus outbreak a state disaster emergency on Saturday, which will be in effect until September 7. NORTH KOREA FLIES OUT FOREIGN DIPLOMATS IN MIDST OF CORONAVIRUS FIGHT [I] authorize all necessary State agencies to take appropriate action to assist local governments and individuals in containing, preparing for, responding to and recovering from this state disaster emergency, to protect state and local property, and to provide such other assistance as is necessary to protect public health, welfare, and safety. Cuomo said.

n95 mask connecticut - Mayor Bill de Blasio recommended steps to take to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the city, which include washing hands and waiting for the train if the one you're getting on is too packed. CLICK HERE FOR MORE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE Over 100 infected cases of the virus have been recorded in New York in the past week, with cases reaching double digits in NYC. With the number of COVID-19 cases growing, we know there’s a lot of anxiety and confusion out there, he said.

n95 mask connecticut, Republican Rep. Doug Collins says the administration remains on top of the coronavirus outbreak and weighs in on the House's fight to prevent future FISA abuses. President Trump took to Twitter early Monday to call out Governor Andrew Cuomo over an interview where the  New York Democrat blamed the administration of being unclear in its response to the coronavirus and therefore contributing to the confusion at the state level. STEVE HILTON: STOP THIS RECKLESS REACTION Trump accused Cuomo of using the virus to score political points after the governor told MSNBC that the federal government has been sending mixed messages. He used the availability of test kits as an example and said if the public doesn't have faith in the federal government, then  there’s really a problem.

n95 mask connecticut - OIL PRICES FALL 25 PERCENT Trump retweeted a link to the interview and said, There are no mixed messages, only political weaponization by people like you and your brother, Fredo.  Cuomo’s brother, Chris Cuomo, has a primetime show on CNN. Trump appointed Vice President Mike Pence on Feb. 26 to lead the coronavirus response. To date, there are at least 21 U.S. deaths and more than 500 infections scattered over more than 30 states as the federal government struggles to meet demand for diagnostic testing kits.

n95 mask connecticut - Raul Perea-Henze, New York City's deputy mayor for health, wrote a letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saying that the city is in dire need of more test kits. The Wall Street Journal reported that health officials in Washinton State have expressed similar concerns about these kits. Some experts said they’ve been hoping for clearer and louder guidance from the government, to prod vulnerable people to take every possible step to avoid settings where they might more easily become infected.