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n95 mask united kingdom online, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THE FOX HEALTH NEWSLETTER  Confirmation of the case caused panic at the Tempe university; local drug stores have sold out of surgical masks and students have called for classes to be canceled, reports the student newspaper, The State Press.  “The students of ASU do not feel comfortable attending classes due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus,” the petition, which had more than 21,000 signatures as of this writing, begins. “We do not want to risk our lives by attending class.”

n95 mask united kingdom online - Three students — freshmen Taskina Bhuiyan, Syeda Zainab and Harshita Bellad — created the call to action, telling The State Press it was a “collective idea.” “I put up the petition at around 10 p.m. and the next day there were like 6,000 followers,” Bhuiyan said. SOCIAL MEDIA-FUELED CORONAVIRUS RUMOR AT USC PROMPTS RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL ASU Provost Mark Searle on Monday said the school would not cancel classes. We have received many inquiries about university operations in light of this case. The university remains open and classes are not canceled, Searle wrote in an email to the ASU community, according to AZ Central. 

n95 mask united kingdom online, The news comes after the University of Southern California (USC) was forced to respond following an erroneous social media-fueled claim that a student was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. The rumor began late Monday night in a reply to a post on the university’s Twitter account, the Los Angeles Daily News reported. The rumor quickly took hold on the social media platform, leading to hundreds of tweets and even a petition to cancel class amid the alleged “outbreak” at the university.

n95 mask united kingdom online - BRITISH AIRWAYS SUSPENDS ALL FLIGHTS TO CHINA AMID CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK But USC quickly responded, shutting down rumors that seemingly cropped up after an unnamed student living at the off-campus Lorenzo Apartments was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. The outbreak has sickened nearly 6,000 people and been linked to at least 132 deaths. The number of cases confirmed in mainland China has now surpassed those that were sickened during a SARS outbreak in 2002-2003. However, the coronavirus death toll still remains lower than the 348 people in China who were killed by SARS.

n95 mask united kingdom online - 5,974 confirmed cases, 132 deaths linked to coronavirus epidemic in mainland China; Feature Story News bureau chief Patrick Fok reports from Beijing. A Philadelphia-based pharmaceutical company is helping to fast-track a vaccine to help quell the deadly coronavirus outbreak. Backed by a fresh $9 million grant from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), which receives money from public and private funding, Inovio Pharmaceuticals will begin developing the vaccine along with University of Pennsylvania-based research facility, the Wistar Institute, to ensure that it is available within the next few months.