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body temperature thermometer, SIGN UP FOR THE FOX HEALTH NEWSLETTER It was not clear when the plane that landed at Lackland Air Force Base was expected to take off again, but it was estimated that it would carry a remaining 70 passengers to Nebraska. There, they are expected to be quarantined at a nearby Nebraska National Guard training base. The other plane carrying American evacuees landed at Miramar earlier on Friday. On Thursday, an official with the federal department told Fox News that the two flights carrying some 300 Americans that were arriving in the U.S. on Friday would likely be the last State Department-chartered flights out of Wuhan.

body temperature thermometer - GATES FOUNDATION DEDICATES $100 MILLION TO CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK RELIEF EFFORTS  “At this time, we do not anticipate staging additional flights beyond those planned to depart February 6,” the spokesperson said, adding any additional U.S. citizens still in China “should attempt to depart by commercial means.” Some 638 people have died from the pneumonia-like illness, while more than 30,000 people have been sickened worldwide, according to Friday estimates. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP

body temperature thermometer, There are 12 confirmed cases of the novel virus in the U.S., the first of which occurred in a Washington State man who has since been released from the hospital. Six other cases have been confirmed in California, as well as one in Wisconsin, one in Arizona, one in Massachusetts and two in Illinois. No deaths have been reported in the U.S., and the large majority of cases still remain in China. Fox News' Lucas Tomlinson contributed to this report.

body temperature thermometer - Passengers Milena Basso and her husband speak out about being quarantined aboard the Princess Cruise ship where dozens have tested positive for the coronavirus. Katy Pery sent a message of solidarity to China and its citizens who are fighting the coronavirus outbreak. The video was posted by the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, on Twitter. “This is a great message of solidarity from @katyperry to the people of #China. I couldn’t agree more – we’re in this together and we can only stop it together! Thank you for lending your voice to such an important cause,” he wrote.

body temperature thermometer - PRINCE CHARLES NAMES KATY PERRY AS AMBASSADOR OF THE BRITISH ASIAN TRUST The singer said, “I just wanted to send a message to you to let you know that we are all with you during this time, and keep fighting, and stay healthy, and positive as best as you can. We’re thinking of you. We are sending our prayers. We’re gonna get through this. The coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China but has spread to multiple countries, including the United States, where there are 12 confirmed cases thus far.