Coronavirus Bra Mask

coronavirus bra mask, Remember, when America was shocked when the Rosenbergs were caught stealing secrets and sending them to the Soviets? They went to the electric chair for that. Well, today, Chinese spies are so common in our colleges and in our government here in Washington, they would barely even notice them. It doesn't even rate a story on page one. So there you have it -- three news stories, each more compelling and more inherently important than the impeachment farce we've endured for a week and a half. What do these stories have in common? Well, each one points up the selfish incompetence of the people in charge, and maybe that's why the media don't want to talk about them -- because their job is to protect the people in charge.

coronavirus bra mask - By the way, here's one more story they are not telling you about in any detail: the growing chaos within the Democratic Party. With the first votes to the 2020 race less than a week from now, things are falling apart. Bernie Sanders is all of a sudden poised to win the first three contests in a row. Historically, that has been a guarantee of a presidential nomination. Now, Bernie's rise has been happening for months now. But like every major new development in the world, it's been slow to dawn on official Washington, which has been wholly engaged in the emotionally satisfying ritual of hating Donald Trump.

coronavirus bra mask, But now Bernie has arrived and he's impossible to ignore. The Democratic establishment is waking up to a nightmare, and they're horrified. No Democrat in Washington really believes Joe Biden is a strong candidate, no matter what they tell you. Talk to them privately -- talk to anyone who knows him -- and they'll admit Joe Biden shouldn't even be running or for that matter, driving. Everyone agrees it is sad to watch it. Their solution -- their designated savior -- is finance mogul Michael Bloomberg. So an elderly white male billionaire riding to the rescue of a party that, as a matter of official policy, hates white male billionaires. Doesn't sound likely, does it? If this were a movie script, they'd be laughed out of the pitch meeting. Come on. No one will believe it.

coronavirus bra mask - But this is Washington where purportedly smart people convince themselves of all kinds of unlikely things and then go with it. So Bloomberg is the candidate they're backing -- for now, anyway. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Oh, but please. Let's stop talking about depressing topics like Chinese spying, global pandemics and the imminent rise of socialism in our country. Let's get back to something we can handle, something small and fun, like John Bolton's catty new book. Good ol' John Bolton. They hated him once on cable television. Now, he is their hero.

coronavirus bra mask - Why? Why do they love John Bolton? Because his book and the sideshow it represents make it possible for the rest of us to ignore their failures. But it's still interesting. Adapted from Tucker Carlson's monologue from Tucker Carlson Tonight on Jan. 28, 2020. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM TUCKER CARLSON