Coronavirus In Pune

coronavirus in pune, CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Around the world, other countries have been increasingly following the example set by China – where the virus first emerged late last year — by imposing travel controls and shutting down public events. China has suffered about three-fourths of the world’s 106,000 coronavirus infections and most of its nearly 3,600 deaths. Fox News' Danielle Wallace, Tyler Olson, Janine Puhak and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

coronavirus in pune - 'Dr. Oz Show' host Dr. Mehmet Oz joins Harris Faulkner to discuss the coronavirus outbreak on 'Outnumbered Overtime.' We are a can-do people and have mobilized for crises in the past. We thrive on clear insights with a game plan to follow while our health leadership catches up with the rapidly moving coronavirus. Nevertheless, events are being canceled, Italy is on lockdown and officials are debating whether or not to call the coronavirus a pandemic. America can’t stop watching or talking about the threat, but what you really need to know is how can I protect myself and my family from this novel infection.

coronavirus in pune, You’re also probably worried, and that’s ok. There is still a lot of uncertainty about COVID-19 and no shortage of frightening news during the “fog of war,  but it’s important to know that public health experts have been dealing with and preparing for similar situations for years, and there is a lot we know you can do right now. Here are your action steps to survive the coronavirus. WHITE HOUSE TAKING 'COMMON-SENSE STEPS' TO CURB CORONAVIRUS RISK AT MEETINGS: OFFICIALS

coronavirus in pune - First, good hygiene works. Viruses like the novel coronavirus are spread through tiny droplets that your body makes when you cough, sneeze or talk.  The virus can travel in these liquids and enter your body through your nose, mouth, or eyes. This most likely occurs when the virus gets on your hands and you then touch your face. The average person touches his or her face dozens of times per hour. Now more than ever it's important to wash your hands.  Use soap and water and wash for at least 20 seconds and be sure to wash your fingers and fingertips—that’s what surgeons do before they go in the operating room. Also avoid touching your face, especially if you’ve been out in public.

coronavirus in pune - Finally, it’s time to cancel handshakes. It can feel awkward and anti-social, but handshakes transfer 10 times more germs than fist bumps. Better yet is to go with a guy nod for now. Next, keep your distance. Good hygiene can greatly reduce your chance of getting infected, but droplets can also travel about six feet through the air. That’s why officials are canceling classes and events. So at least until we have a vaccine or antiviral, you should keep people an arm's length away. This is especially true for people over 60 who have chronic illnesses.