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coronavirus val de marne, We're going to be leaving the crew on board the ship, although we're surging medical staff, he added. We already have put people on board the ship to isolate those individuals, make sure appropriate isolation and quarantine is happening on board that ship and we’re working very closely with Governor [Gavin] Newsom and the mayor of Oakland on all of these efforts.” Princess Cruises previously confirmed details of its plan to disembark passengers on Sunday, saying it would “commence in order of priority, as defined and directed by both state and local authorities,” and likely take multiple days.

coronavirus val de marne - “The U.S. Coast Guard will be sending California Health & Human Services teams to assist with medical triage, screening and interviews, and prioritizing those who require the most acute care,” Princess Cruises wrote in an advisory posted to its website on Sunday. “To avoid delays, testing will be conducted when guests arrive at their onward destination.” The cruise line added that it had incorporated “learnings from our recent experience in Japan” to better assist passengers that were currently on the ship. (Another of the line’s fleet, the Diamond Princess, was quarantined for weeks outside of Yokohama, Japan, and resulted in hundreds of infected passengers.) Among those “learnings” include tactics for getting prescription medication to quarantined guests, instituting a “fresh air and sunlight program” approved by the CDC, and offering free Internet to all occupants.

coronavirus val de marne, CLICK HERE FOR OUR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE Concerns arose for the passengers and crew of the Grand Princess after an elderly passenger who had sailed on the ship’s previous voyage tested positive for COVID-19 in Placer County, Calif., before ultimately succumbing to the illness.

coronavirus val de marne - Melissa Francis explains how the price war going on in the crude oil market is tied to coronavirus and the U.S. stock market selloff Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis said on “Outnumbered” that she thinks Monday’s “panic in the market” is overdone, reacting to the day’s sharp selloff. Francis made the comment as U.S. equity markets were drastically lower Monday after an oil price war broke out between Saudi Arabia and Russia and the new coronavirus showed signs of spreading.

coronavirus val de marne - The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down by as many as 2,046 points, or 7.9 percent, in the opening minutes of trading while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite were lower by 7.4 percent and 7.3 percent, respectively. The Dow and S&P 500 were on track for their biggest drops since December 2008. DOW PLUNGES MORE THAN 2,100 POINTS, OIL CRASHES AS PRICE WAR ERUPTS AND CORONAVIRUS SPREADS “This downdraft is not about this coronavirus response this morning,” Francis noted. “It’s about what’s going on in the oil markets and we see this massive selloff in oil because Russia and Saudi Arabia were cooperating.”