Face Mask With Filter

face mask with filter, In the next few weeks, we’re likely to see a spike in the number of reported cases as the testing regimen broadens and we discover the extent to which the disease has spread. The federal government should continue its focus on increasing the availability of necessary equipment (like respirators) and facilitating communication among health authorities and to the public. Every effort should be made to develop countermeasures as quickly as possible; even if they are not available in time to make a difference in this pandemic, we will need them, or better capability to produce others, for the next one.

face mask with filter - Day-to-day responsibility will increasingly shift to state and local public health authorities who have to decide what restrictive measures are appropriate. The key will be to stay ahead of the virus where possible, protect the high-risk demographics, increase surge capability in hospitals and continue to be responsive to constituents who want to make sensible decisions with the best information available. The economy will take a hit, if for no other reason than that travel and tourism account for about 8 percent of GDP. There may be spot shortages of certain items. I’m concerned about the supply of drugs since China produces so much of the world’s pharmaceuticals. But Beijing has every incentive to restart its economy and all the powers of an authoritarian society in getting its people back to work.

face mask with filter, The stock market is overreacting, but there is a good chance that the fundamentals of the economy will recover quickly as the disease moves through its various stages and businesses adjust their operations and supply chains. In fact, if I had more skill and more money, I’d be looking for sound companies whose value has been artificially suppressed by the fear that always accompanies the early stages of a pandemic. I’m sure the professional traders are alive to those possibilities. Few things are so bad that no one profits from them. 

face mask with filter - Looked at most broadly, what’s happening is that a new risk factor has entered our lives. In such situations, the first tendency is to ignore the new danger; then, as its presence is forced upon us, to ping pong in the opposite direction and flail around attempting to eliminate the risk. Finally, as we adjust to the new normal, we tend to make better decisions until the danger passes. CLICK HERE TO GET THE OPINION NEWSLETTER Most of us are past the first stage already, and we should try to shorten the second stage as much as possible. The best way to do that is to think of this as an unexpectedly bad flu season with no effective vaccine available. To be sure, the risk is higher than the flu for certain demographics, and that will certainly affect our decisions, but the difference is more in degree than in kind.

face mask with filter - In sum, a lot of people are going to become infected. We may never know how many. The vast majority will experience symptoms consistent with a regular case of the cold or flu. As a practical matter, most of those will care for themselves, or be cared for, at home.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has good recommendations about home health care on its website. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Yes, government at every level should have prepared better for this emergency. Some of us have been saying that for a long time. But there is a lot to be thankful for. The disease could be much worse than it is, and America has an advanced public health infrastructure with a long tradition of dedication and mutual support that is ramping up as quickly as it can. Many of us will escape the virus entirely; most of those who don’t will experience manageable sickness; and for the small minority that has more severe cases – chiefly the elderly, especially if they have serious medical conditions – there is a lot more help available than most people in most places at most times have ever had.