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gran canaria coronavirus, Official death toll in China now exceeds SARS outbreak; analysis from Gordon Chang, author of 'The Coming Collapse of China.' A British man living in China claims he beat the new coronavirus by downing glasses of “hot whiskey and honey.” Connor Reed, 25, who teaches English in Wuhan, China —  the epicenter of the outbreak that has killed more than 400 people and sickened over 20,000 others worldwide —  told the Sun he was diagnosed with the virus about two months ago. He said he went to the hospital after he struggled to breathe and experienced a bad cough, both of which are signs of the pneumonia-like illness.

gran canaria coronavirus - HONG KONG REPORTS CORONAVIRUS DEATH, MARKING 2ND FATALITY OUTSIDE CHINA I was stunned when the doctors told me I was suffering from the virus. I thought I was going to die but I managed to beat it,” he told the outlet, adding he was hospitalized at  Zhongnan University Hospital for two weeks following his diagnosis. Conner Reed. (Facebook) “I used the inhaler which helped control the cough and drank a hot whiskey with honey until [it] ran out,” he added. “It’s an old fashioned remedy but it seemed to do the trick.”

gran canaria coronavirus, He claims he refused to take the antibiotics he was prescribed “because [he] didn’t want to take any medicines.” The Brit also spoke on how the virus has impacted the city, saying Wuhan “is becoming a real ghost town.” Reed claims he refused to take any antibiotics and instead drank hot whiskey and honey. (iStock) “There is hardly anybody in the streets and the shops are running low of fresh fruit and vegetables. There is no medicine or masks left in the pharmacies,” he continued, claiming that local police are arresting citizens who go outside without a mask.

gran canaria coronavirus - CORONAVIRUS FEARS IN MEXICO SEE UBER SUSPEND HUNDREDS OF ACCOUNTS “The authorities are really worried about how to contain this and stop it spreading,” he said, adding: “I am proof coronavirus can be beaten.” Overall, at least 25 countries have reported cases of coronavirus. Currently, the U.S. has confirmed 11 cases —  six in California, one in Arizona, one in Washington state, one in Massachusetts and two in Illinois. No deaths have been reported in the U.S., and the large majority of cases still remain in China.

gran canaria coronavirus - A new coronavirus death has been reported in Hong Kong as health experts say the outbreak is increasingly looking like a global pandemic; Jonathan Serrie reports from Atlanta. A second coronavirus death outside of China has been reported by Hong Kong as the number of cases surpasses 20,600 worldwide. The fatality in Hong Kong reportedly involves a 39-year-old patient who died in the hospital Tuesday morning. WASHINGTON MAN DIAGNOSED WITH CORONAVIRUS RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL The news comes just days after the Philippines confirmed that a 44-year-old Chinese man who traveled from Wuhan died at a hospital in Manila. In response to the death, the Philippines announced that it would deny entry to non-citizens from China in an effort to prevent more infections.