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kn95 vs n95, Appearing on America's Newsroom with host Ed Henry, the couple said that while their physical health is pretty good, mentally they are not so great. FOX NEWS' TODD PIRO REPORTS FROM NEW JERSEY AS CRUISE PASSENGERS ARRIVE TO BE TESTED FOR CORONAVIRUS Additionally, the pair told Henry they were disheartened to learn that updates were coming faster from their parents and news outlets than from those on the ship itself. So, basically, I know what's going on before they even tell us from our parents at home...and, they update us but it's always been very lagged, said Cerullo.

kn95 vs n95 - It's been vague up until maybe today -- not, like, thorough as it should be. So, we were a little concerned about that, Basso interjected. The two reported they were already experiencing trouble getting food and water on the ship, which Basso guestimated produces around 22,000 meals per day and has five dining halls. I don't know how many people have been on a cruise, but you can eat a lot of food pretty fast. Once the quarantine happened, what we could eat basically went downhill,  said Cerullo.

kn95 vs n95, The first day when we asked for two bottles of water it took four hours and the next day we got two cups, he added. The cruise ship Diamond Princess is anchored at Yokohama Port for supplies replenished in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020. The 3,700 people on board faced a two-week quarantine in their cabins. Health workers said 10 more people from the Diamond Princess were confirmed sickened with the virus, in addition to 10 others who tested positive on Wednesday. The 10 will be dropped off as the ship docks and transferred to nearby hospitals for further test and treatment. (Kenzaburo Fukuhara/Kyodo News via AP)

kn95 vs n95 - The infections on the Diamond Princess reportedly originated from one passenger who got on the ship in Yokohama on Jan. 20 and disembarked in Hong Kong on Jan. 25, according to the cruise line statement. Princess Cruises said he didn't visit the ship's medical center to report any symptoms or illness. Officials began screening guests on Monday with what the couple said was an ear thermometer without a disposable tip. The Diamond Princess ship is part of the Princess Cruises line, which is owned by British-American Carnival Corporation.

kn95 vs n95 - Guests will continue to be provided complimentary internet and telephone to use in order to stay in contact with their family and loved ones, and the ship’s crew is working to keep all guests comfortable, a Wednesday statement read. CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP There are 31,427 cases of coronavirus over 25 countries worldwide. There have been at least 638 deaths recorded. We are kind of worried because we've still got two weeks on here assuming that works out in our favor and we still have to get onto American soil, Cerullo explained. And, if Donald Trump could help us in any way...