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n95 mask london online, CORONAVIRUS 'SUPER-SPREADER' SPEAKS OUT AFTER INFECTING 11 OTHERS WITH VIRUS The news comes after a British man who unwittingly spread the deadly coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, to at least 11 people across three countries has been released from the hospital. Steve Walsh contracted the virus while on a business trip to Singapore in late January. He then went to a ski resort in the French Alps, where he unknowingly spread the virus to at least 11 others. At least five Britons who stayed at the resort -- including a 9-year-old boy -- were infected, as were five people in France. Walsh was also connected to at least one case in Spain.

n95 mask london online - London has reportedly confirmed its first case of coronavirus in a Chinese national. (iStock) “I’m happy to be home and feeling well,” he said in a statement, according to Yahoo. “I want to give a big thank you to the NHS [National Health Service] who have been great throughout and my thoughts are with everyone around the world who continues to be affected by the virus.” “It’s good to be back with my family,” he added. CORONAVIRUS CASES IN UK DOUBLE AFTER COUNTRY SEES 4 MORE CASES

n95 mask london online, Walsh earlier this week made headlines when he came forward for the first time since being identified as the so-called “super-spreader.” Additionally, U.K. government officials on Monday declared the coronavirus outbreak a “serious and imminent threat to public health.”

n95 mask london online - Global health officials report over 44,600 confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide; Jonathan Serrie reports from Atlanta. A man in China is facing criminal charges after he strapped firecrackers to his body and doused himself in gasoline when a ban put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus canceled his birthday party, reports say. The 59-year-old Chongqing resident had planned a birthday banquet with more than 10 tables' worth of guests last month when local officials asked him to cancel the Jan. 28 celebration in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Reuters reported, citing state-run Xinhua news agency.

n95 mask london online - CORONAVIRUS ‘SUPER-SPREADER’ LINKED TO 11 CASES OF VIRUS RELEASED FROM HOSPITAL: ‘I’M HAPPY TO BE HOME’  But when the man, who has not been identified, failed to convince officials to reconsider two days before the birthday bash was set to take place, he allegedly wrapped firecrackers around his waist, poured gasoline on his chest and held up a lighter — threatening them into lifting the ban. “The actions prevented town and village cadres from carrying out epidemic prevention and control work,” Xinhua said, adding that 10 patients visiting a clinic on a lower level of the same building had also been affected, Reuters reported.