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n95 mask new jersey online, Azar responded by saying he was disturbed to hear Cuomo's comment, since the governor has been a really good partner in handling the outbreak. I'm confused by what he’s saying there because New York State and New York City have all the lab tests they've asked for,” Azar said in response. “In fact, we've offered them more and they’ve refused further shipments of lab tests so there’s just no factual basis for what he is saying there, but, he’s been a good partner and we are working really closely with the New York City Public Health Department as well as New York State.”

n95 mask new jersey online - More than 550 cases related to the novel coronavirus have been reported across the United States, according to information gathered by Fox News, including 142 in New York, an increase of 35 percent in 24 hours. At least 21 people have died from the virus. When Smith asked Azar what is the biggest struggle, he said, “Our biggest challenge right now is to ensure that we contain further spread into the United States and that we work with our state and local partners to mitigate spread in areas where we’ve had community spreading.

n95 mask new jersey online, CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “So that’s working with [Washington] Governor Inslee, that’s working with Santa Clara County, that’s working with New York State and city, it’s working with Florida to take the aggressive measures needed to slow down the spread of this disease so that we can always continue to buy time and mitigate the impact here in the United States,” he added. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

n95 mask new jersey online - 'Dr. Oz Show' host Dr. Mehmet Oz joins Harris Faulkner to discuss the coronavirus outbreak on 'Outnumbered Overtime.' Broadcasting veteran Katie Couric alarmed fans on Monday when she admitted that she may have been exposed to the coronavirus. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that Rick Cotton, head of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, has tested positive for COVID-19, and will be working from home as a result. Couric took to Twitter, saying she saw the Cotton over the weekend.

n95 mask new jersey online - CORONAVIRUS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW “Rick Cotton is an old friend of mine. In fact I just saw him on Saturday for the first time in a long time. Feel better Rick,” Couric tweeted. Couric’s followers quickly told her to “self-quarantine” and “be careful and get tested,” but she doesn’t seem too concerned. She added a follow-up tweet, “PS: We didn't touch!” CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE Couric told Fox News that they said hello to each other “briefly” on the street and there was no physical contact. Couric is talking to the World Health Organization about what steps she should take, if any are needed.