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n95 mask online india, On the ground, medical personnel was making requests for masks, goggles, gowns and other protective medical gear to deal with the thousands seeking treatment for possible symptoms of the virus, which can be transmitted between humans. Footage also showed a stack of face masks on his dashboard.  (AsiaWire) On Wednesday, a chartered flight from Wuhan carrying nearly 200 Americans landed in California after a brief stop in Alaska on Tuesday night to refuel. The passengers had undergone two screenings in China, and two additional screenings in Alaska before deplaning in California, where they underwent more testing and observations.

n95 mask online india - During the flight, the crew and passengers were kept separated and the crew did not get off the plane in China to minimize risk of contamination. The plan is to temporarily house them at March Air Reserve Base to ensure that nobody develops symptoms of the virus, which can take up to 14 days to appear. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “They are sitting in the middle of a military base,” Dr. Nancy Knight, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said. “Any discussion around departure would be just that: it would be a discussion.”

n95 mask online india, Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel breaks it down on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' Some Asian students at Arizona State University (ASU) claim they are being treated differently by the rest of the student body following confirmation of the nation’s fifth case of the deadly coronavirus at the school. “I cough in class and everybody looks at me. I’m paranoid of coughing,” one freshman, who was not identified, told Business Insider. The same student told the outlet that the “social and cultural divide” between international students from China and the rest of the student body has become starker since the case was confirmed last weekend. As of 2018, there were more than 3,000 Chinese students at the university, according to one report. 

n95 mask online india - CORONAVIRUS CASE AT ASU PROMPTS PETITION FOR UNIVERSITY TO CANCEL CLASSES The patient involved in the fifth case is a part of the ASU community, but it’s not clear if the individual, — who recently traveled to Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak —  is a student, faculty or staff member. Officials noted the patient “does not live in university housing, is not severely ill and is currently in isolation to keep the illness from spreading.” A senior at ASU who is Chinese but from Arizona claims other students have since “racially profiled” Asian students at the school, adding “people [kind of] look at me a second longer, I guess kind of questioning if I’m infected.”

n95 mask online india - SOCIAL MEDIA-FUELED CORONAVIRUS RUMOR AT USC PROMPTS RESPONSE FROM SCHOOL Another freshman, identified only as Eric, told Business Insider that he’s more “paranoid” around other students following the confirmation, adding he has avoided shaking hands and hugging others. I guess I'll find out if more people will end up giving me looks or actively avoiding me just because of my East Asian appearance, despite having been born in the U.S. and [growing] up here, he said, noting he traveled to Beijing over winter break but “didn’t go near” Wuhan.