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n95 reusable face mask, Half of the guests are from Japan, the cruise line said in a statement. The Diamond Princess, seen here anchored at Yokohama Port on Feb. 6, has so far reported 20 cases of the coronavirus among passengers and crew. (Kenzaburo Fukuhara/Kyodo News via AP) HONG KONG RAMPS UP CORONAVIRUS FIGHT BY QUARANTINING VISITORS FROM MAINLAND CHINA Princess Cruises previously had confirmed that at least 10 passengers had tested positive for the virus in a statement released earlier this week. Screening for the novel illness initially began on Monday, after the ship returned to Yokohama after a 14-day cruise. Concerns arose after a passenger who disembarked in Hong Kong on Jan. 25 tested positive for the virus.

n95 reusable face mask - The first 10 passengers who tested positive were transported to local medical centers, Princess Cruises said Wednesday. On Thursday, however, the cruise line released a subsequent statement confirming that “10 additional people” had tested positive. A quarantined passenger stands outside on the balcony of the Diamond Princess on Feb. 6. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko) “Princess Cruises can confirm that we have been notified that amongst the second set of samples that have completed testing,10 additional people have tested positive for Coronavirus.”

n95 reusable face mask, A total of 20 passengers who were found to have been infected have been escorted off the ship to hospitals. SIGN UP FOR THE FOX HEALTH NEWSLETTER The infected passengers currently include seven people from Japan, three from the U.S., three from Hong Kong, two from Australia, two from Canada, and one each from New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines. The cruise line reportedly was still waiting on test results from roughly 170 other people, according to Reuters. “The health and safety of our guests and crew remains our top priority.  We continue to work closely with the Japan Ministry of Health on all protocols and procedures while ensuring the comfort of our guests,” Princess cruises added.

n95 reusable face mask - Guests on the ship, meanwhile, have been trying to make the best of things despite fears of contamination. “It’s not going to be a luxury cruise; it’s going to be like a floating prison,” passenger David Abel said on Facebook while quarantined aboard the ship, according to the Associated Press, which added that guests have taken to playing cards or holing up in their rooms. “The people I feel really sorry for are those with inside cabins who've got no natural light, no fresh air. It's going to be pretty grim for them for two weeks, said Abel, who remarked that the prospect of a few more weeks on the ship equated to absolute boredom.

n95 reusable face mask - Medical workers in protective suits are seen aboard the Diamond Princess earlier this week. (@daxa_tw via AP) NO KNOWN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR CORONAVIRUS DESPITE REPORTS, WHO SAYS The Diamond Princess was one of two major cruise liners ordered to be quarantined this past week, along with the World Dream out of Hong Kong, which was denied entry into Taiwan on Tuesday with over 3,600 passengers and crew members, some of whom reported feeling ill. On Thursday, the cruise line confirmed that the 33 crew members who had previously reported feeling sick have tested negative for the coronavirus.