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op maske 3 lagig, Official Chinese tallies of the toll taken by the coronavirus as of Friday were more than 34,000 infections in that nation and 722 deaths. However, shortages of test kits and other resources indicate the real numbers are much higher, amid widespread reports that the sick are being turned away unexamined from hospitals. CORONAVIRUS DEATHS IN CHINA GROW TO 722, MORE THAN 34,500 CASES REPORTED One study estimated that coronavirus was “growing exponentially” in large Chinese cities, with more than 75,000 infected patients in Wuhan alone. That study’s projections went up to Jan. 25, when official figures claimed there were just over 2,000 cases in all of China.

op maske 3 lagig - We still have a chance to prevent coronavirus from becoming an epidemic in America, and even a narrow shot at heading off a global pandemic. Achieving this will require drastic changes from the Chinese Communist Party, whose secrecy and paranoia are responsible for the rapid growth of this epidemic. The Chinese Communist Party must cooperate with the world and permit the free transmission of information among ordinary Chinese on the front lines of the disease. In the early weeks of the outbreak in Wuhan, Chinese authorities worked harder to suppress information about coronavirus than to fight the outbreak. When doctors started to discuss strange cases of pneumonia appearing in their clinics, the official response was to punish them.

op maske 3 lagig, One brave doctor, Li Wenliang, who warned his colleagues to wear protective clothing, was harassed by local police, attacked by state media, and forced to renounce his supposed “false statements.” He was reported to have died of coronavirus this week. The Chinese Communist Party has now acknowledged that these doctors were right, but its policy of censorship and secrecy is little changed. Half-truths and falsehoods about coronavirus linger in official narratives long after they’re debunked, such as the claims that the disease originated at an exotic animal market or can’t be transmitted via human-to-human contact.

op maske 3 lagig - The Chinese Communist Party has been forced to abandon these claims in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. When Chinese Internet users flooded social media sites with indignation following the death of Dr. Li, their calls for freedom of speech were scrubbed from the Internet by censors. And the man who filmed body bags at a Chinese hospital was arrested and interrogated by police officers pretending to be hospital workers. The central authorities, under the control of Chairman Xi Jinping, explicitly prioritize political security over fighting the epidemic, with grievous consequences for us all.

op maske 3 lagig - China’s coordination with the outside world has been little better. Chinese scientists only released the genome of coronavirus, which is essential to finding a vaccine, in mid-January – six weeks after the start of the outbreak. And China has rejected repeated American offers to send teams of scientists and doctors to Wuhan. As the U.S. government took prudent measures to protect American citizens – including the announcement of travel restrictions late last week – Beijing issued propagandistic coverage that blamed our country for “spreading fear” about the outbreak.