Que Mascarillas Son Buenas Para La Cara

que mascarillas son buenas para la cara, Lewis’ denouncement came after he and fellow home interior designer Megan Weaver, Cheri Oteri, actor Doug Budin, actress Monika Casey and real estate agent Carrie Lewis discussed the trending coronavirus outbreak in China and joked about the steps they would take in order to prevent contracting the illness. According to People, Lewis and company said they would avoid eating at restaurants such as Panda Express and Chin Chin, refuse calls from Asian listeners, avoid venturing to Asian-dominated communities such as Chinatown and Los Angeles’ famed TCL Chinese Theatre and even quarantine Asian American SiriusXM employees.

que mascarillas son buenas para la cara - FLIPPING OUT' STARS JEFF LEWIS AND JENNI PULOS ARE NO LONGER WORKING TOGETHER: REPORT “Apparently, I did incense a few people. I actually feel bad about it. I was joking around and it went a little too far,” he continued. “I apologize for being such an a--. I want people to have fun when they listen to this show… So I just wanted to apologize. I’m very sorry for crossing the line.” People wear masks following the outbreak of a new virus as people arrive from the International terminal at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020. A Toronto hospital said Saturday it has a confirmed case of the deadly virus from China, Canada's first. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre said it is caring for a patient who has a confirmed case of the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China. (Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press via AP)

que mascarillas son buenas para la cara, Lewis said he was not coerced by his employer to apologize. “No one has told me to apologize yet. This was on my own,” he said. “I felt like I went a little too far.” “I personally, truly, was kidding -- was joking. Being sarcastic,” Lewis said. “I love all my listeners and I truly do not care about their ethnicity. I don’t care about their religious background. I don’t care about income level. I don’t care about their height. I don’t care if they’re 3 feet tall. I don’t care if they don’t have arms. I don’t care if they’re transitioning. I don’t care if they have special needs. I don’t care. I really don’t care. I just want to connect with people.”

que mascarillas son buenas para la cara - JEFF LEWIS ADMITS HE’S BEEN A ‘FUNCTIONING ALCOHOLIC’ FOR 2 YEARS: ‘IT’S BECOME A ROUTINE, FRANKLY’ “There used to be three Asian American people working here, but Megan has locked them in the green room because she’s so concerned. She is so concerned, she has quarantined them,” Lewis had quipped of Weaver on Tuesday’s show. Lewis even said Weaver was unaware of the family ties said employees might have to China, thus: “She has no idea and doesn’t care, she is so afraid of the coronavirus.”

que mascarillas son buenas para la cara - 'FLIPPING OUT' STAR JEFF LEWIS ON HOW TO SURVIVE HOUSING MARKET MELTDOWN Weaver played along with Lewis, adding that she was “terrified” of the epidemic and would be boycotting Panda Express “until this is all over.” Then, Budin chimed in: “Megan was nervous like, ‘What if an Asian person calls in to the show? We shouldn’t even take the call.’” “It’s too dangerous,” Lewis said. However, on Wednesday’s show, the comments ramped up and Lewis decreed that “we quarantine all Asian SiriusXM employees.”