The Weeknd Face Mask

the weeknd face mask, CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP The doctor also said he was less concerned about the virus in the United States. Here's the billion-dollar question, Tucker. Exactly how contagious is this from human to human? Siegel said. Now, over here in the United States, I'm much less worried because as you said, we have one, possibly two cases. We're concerned about it, but we still don't know how contagious it is. And public health measures help to contain that, Siegel added. And right now, I'm optimistic that we can contain this in the United States. We still don't know, though.

the weeknd face mask - Fox News Flash top headlines for Jan. 23 are here. Check out what's clicking on After the initial outbreak of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, medical professionals have examined what physiological archetypes and age groups might have a greater risk of contracting the disease, in an effort to educate the public. Fox News spoke with Dr. Debra Chew, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, to gain a better understanding of the virus and how it behaves.

the weeknd face mask, Risks of contracting disease is based on epidemiologic exposure -- and therefore exposure to persons infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus, and those ill with respiratory symptoms who have traveled to Wuhan or neighboring cities, she said. This may expand with more cases and global travel. Chew, who completed an Infectious Diseases fellowship at Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center, said it's unclear if pregnant women are at greater risk than others, but confirmed that young people, senior citizens and those with immune deficiencies could have an acute reaction if exposed to the virus.

the weeknd face mask - We are not clear if there are other host risks, including risk of transmission to various groups of people including pregnant women and different age groups, she said. We do know that the young, elderly and those with immuno-compromised host immune system and chronic medical conditions can get more severe illness. TEXAS A&M STUDENT TESTED FOR POSSIBLE CORONAVIRUS EXPOSURE, HAD TRAVELED TO CHINA As for the virus having an incubation period, Chew said the timetable is unclear, but estimated that anyone who's been infected should become symptomatic within five days.

the weeknd face mask - Generally, coronaviruses as a family have a short incubation period of up to five days, and recent cases with Wuhan Coronavirus is consistent with this, she explained. CDC [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and WHO [World Health Organization] are actively investigating much more about the virus and illness characteristics. Most coronaviruses cause only mild symptoms, similar to that of the common cold. Other strains, such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), can cause pneumonia and death.